Sussex Spaniel Breed Info & Care Tips

The Sussex Spaniel was around in the early 1800’s as part of a melange of land spaniels.

The main interest in the breed began with Mr Fuller, a Sussex landowner. He had large kennels and kept several spaniels including Sussex Spaniels. He bred them for working and owned the breed for 50 years until the 1850’s.

By the time of the second world war there were few Sussex being bred from and it is thought that after the war only 5 Sussex Spaniels remained.

Fortunately the breed has had dedicated followers and in particular Mrs Freer provided a link over 6 decades. She devoted her life to breeding the Sussex Spaniel for posterity. Today, this is still a numerically small breed with only 60-100 registrations each year.

Sussex Spaniels have a cheerful tractable disposition. They have their own funny little ways and can sometimes be wilful. They are not as quick to learn as some breeds so need patience with training. It is well worth the effort and the result is a happy and loyal dog.