Plan Your Paragraphs

Last night I went through my reading I turned that into like a bunch of ideas I could use they’re not really a plan but ideas of ways I could group here and just things I’d like to include so I’ll just show you what that looks like but this is my reading so you can see I’ve done it by like page numbers and just sort of made notes on the different um arguments that they use this is my ideas page this is the finished product so I’ve got structure religion flashlight philosophical stuff panegyrics but also not yeah this is a rough ideas page like and so the circles are like key stuff I could use there’s the also not part of the panegyric and just a note of psychology as well just solve ideas of paragraphs and key points I want to use.

As you can see it’s quite rough so the next step in in my essay process is to turn these ideas into a detailed plan of paragraphs and then write that because my fhd tomorrow I like to write it in stages so that I feel like I’ve got something written and so what I usually do is instead of turning it into a one massive detailed essay plan and then write it up in full I usually do a detailed plan of two paragraphs usually maybe three and then I’ll write those up and then I’ll plan the other paragraphs and then I’ll write those up so that I feel like it’s for whatever reason I run out of time then at least I’ve got parts of it written my plan now is to turn the first couple circles on my ideas page into detailed paragraphs of step-by-step what I’m going to write in each paragraph and then write that up and hopefully I’ll have that done within a few hours and then I’ll do the same thing for the next few paragraphs and hopefully you’ll have the whole essay written by tonight.

So then I just need to reference it tomorrow and ideally I don’t really want to be writing my essay tomorrow because it’s due at p.m. and I have to reference it and a bibliography and also print out so I prefer having it done by today so that’s the schedule and I will show you what my plan looks like once I’ve written the first few paragraphs of it so just finished my plan for my introduction and my first paragraph which I’ll show you in a sec normally I would plan my second paragraph as well but because my sh in less than hours I just want to get writing at this point just said I have something written I’m not worried about it I don’t think I’m going to be up all my writing it like or anything like that it’s just um I feel better once I’ve actually got something written down so I think I’m going to write up these two paragraphs and then plan the next two and then write them up.