Overlook Of Essay Composition

In your topic sentence you should state what you believe and I said I strongly believe that more people in Phoenix should use bicycles to get from place to place and again like any topic sentence everything in my paragraph is going to have to relate directly to that topic sentence next I want to get into the body so here is where I get into my arguments that support actually the supports for my position first bicycles are powered by the riders muscles so they do not create air pollution second increased use of bicycles would reduce our reliance on gasoline preserving it for other purposes and allowing people to save money that they’d otherwise spend on fuel finally bicycling is extremely good exercise it would improve most people’s strength and cardiovascular condition and help them lose weight as well alright. Look at examples of good essay compositions on Edusson.

So you’ll note I have my three supporting arguments there from my position note please that I use transition words first second finally now we get down to the point I’m going to you some people might argue that bicycles are impractical for carrying packages and other loads but by adding racks baskets and panniers to bicycles people would be amazed how much they can carry on these wonderful two-wheeled vehicles so I’ve acknowledged here that there is another point of view but I have countered it as if to say well you know yeah yeah yeah you could say that but it’s easy to answer that argument so it’s a refutation and finally my conclusion as you see bicycling yields benefits to riders health and the environment so greater dependence on them in Phoenix only makes sense so let’s summarize first the primary purpose of a persuasive composition is for you to convince or persuade your audience to agree with you about a subject that is your goal you should look at both sides of the issue before you take a stand on it and brainstorm as many arguments for each side as you can once you’ve done that.

Look at what you’ve got and then decide which position you want to take in your composition prioritize your arguments you prioritizing allows you to decide which is your strongest and which is your weakest and when you write you should either uh when you’re writing the body you should either go from your weakest argument to your strongest or your strongest to your weakest there you can make a case for doing it either way you should pick out one argument on the opposite side of the question that you want to refute that you can knock down and say well yes I know my opponents might think otherwise but here’s why they’re wrong and here is how I answer them and finally you want to close with a statement that restates your position and that is how you write persuasive paragraphs in a later presentation we’ll talk about how to change those paragraphs expand them into all essays.