What Do You Know About Komondor Dog Breed?

Komondor (AKC, UKC)

Group: Working

The Komondor is a massive dog with a proud gait (check also info about Great Dane) 

Its body is totally covered with an extraordinary felted and corded coat, which is 8 to 11 inches (20-27cm.) long, and always white. This corded white coat helps the dog blend in well with sheep and also helps protect them from beasts of prey that it might be called upon to fight in his role as flock guardian.

The outer coat fuses with the undercoat to form felt that hangs in long cords. It can take up to two years for the cords to form completely and 5 years to reach the desired length.

The head and muzzle are massive and rather short. Its eyes are dark brown and the U-shaped ears hang down to blend with the rest of the coat. It has a large head and generally massive bone structure, a hanging tail, and a very strong scissors bite.

The Komondor is serious, confident, alert and commanding. It can be very reserved with strangers and is very territorial and highly protective of his family, house, car, and livestock.

Implacable against wolves and bears that would attack the flock with which it is entrusted. In a few minutes the Komondor can get the better of even the strongest enemy.

It can be fiercely protective and even aggressive, especially with strange dogs, but also with people. This breed must be thoroughly socialized with people and other dogs at an early age.

They need complete and firm obedience training by an experienced owner, as he can be very willful. Smart, but easily bored, loyal to and respectful of his master, but fierce against threats to his charges.

Komondors can be good family dogs if they are socialized as a young puppy, trained thoroughly, and raised with children from the start, but they are not recommended for most families.