Dog seat belts, crates in my car or truck what for?

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When you have your dog in the car it is important to make sure they are kept safe. Whether you are moving or not there are some precautions you can take to ensure your dog’s well being.

Some reasons for using dog seat belts or another restraint system in your car:

Eliminate Driver Distractions

Pets and loose objects are the 3rd worst in-car distraction according to a recent AAA study! They were considered worse than cell phone usage (#6), eating & drinking (#5) and adjusting climate controls (#4) (#1 is radio or CD player, #2 is children or others in car – Source: Extra Magazine telecast 8-20-01). During 2000 in the US more than 1.5 million accidents were caused by distracted driving! (Source: NBC Dateline telecast 6-19-01).

Protect Your Family, Yourself, And Any Other Passengers In Your Car

In an accident, a dog can be thrown with hundreds or even thousands of pounds of force into other occupants of the car, easily causing injuries. Dog seat belts or another type of restraint system can help minimize this danger

Keep Your Dog From Jumping Out Of Your Car

Even well behaved dogs can have their moments of “distraction” and flee your car after something. Dogs can also be injured or killed jumping from a slow moving vehicle.

If you own a pickup truck it is important to restrain your dog, it is a law in California, while he is in the bed of the pickup. The dangers are once again having your dog thrown out or jumping out of your truck. Your dog could possibly be blown out by the blast of air from an oncoming or passing truck while on the highway. Veterinarians have said that this is quite a common occurrence and can result in the dog’s death. The dogs that manage to survive this can run in panic and get lost. Truck beds can be also be slippery, and dogs can get thrown into the tailgate, cab, or and sustain injuries.