Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dog Breed Information


Cardigan Welsh Corgi (AKC, UKC)

Group: Herding


The Cardigan Welsh Corgi originated in the hill country of Cardiganshire in Western Wales, where he was used as a general-purpose farm dog and cattle drover.

Guided by the crofter’s whistle, the Cardigan Corgi would nip at the heels of the cattle and drive them to market or out to the open country to graze. Over the years, he developed into a dog of all trades – being drover, guard, companion and even sporting dog on occasions.

The Cardigan differs from his cousin, the Pembroke, in that he is somewhat larger, longer-bodied (originally known as the yard-long dog) and with rounded ears. He also comes in a great variety of colours and his tail is left undocked.

Temperamentally, he is rather stolid compared to many other breeds. Even the Pembroke Corgi is more extroverted.

The Cardigan is reserved with strangers, however with his family, the Cardigan is very companionable and affectionate and he makes a devoted, faithful and intelligent family pet.